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Staff Directory

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(Perth & Nedlands Campuses)


Klinken, Prof PeterWAIMR Director & Head, Leukaemia and Blood Disorders
Leedman, Prof PeterWAIMR Director Designate, Director of Translational Research & Head, Hormone-Dependent Cancers
Thompson, Prof PeterWAIMR Deputy Director
Fitzgerald, Mr JohnDirector of Strategic Research
Conte, Ms LucyExecutive Assistant

Fundraising & Communications

Hooper, Ms LesleyDirector of Fundraising
Monaghan, Ms CarolynCommunications Manager (Media)
Haydon, Ms MargaretBusiness Relations Manager
Shorto, Ms JeanetteManager of Community Relations
Charman, Ms PaulineEducation Outreach Coordinator
Eddington, Ms MeredithEvents Manager
Murray-Jones, Ms AliciaCommunications Officer


Spezzacatena, Mr TonyChief Financial Officer
Solomon, Mr RichardFinance Manager
Abrahams, Ms ChantellAssistant Accountant
Bonser, Ms AnneAssistant Accountant
Keough, Ms SueAccounts Assistant
Griffiths, Mr CoreyAccounts Payable/Receivable

Building Project Office

Dunn, Mr TrevorProject Director
Darsow, Ms EliseProject Administrator
Bock, Ms TracyRelocation Project Officer

People & Performance

Taylor, Mr PeterManager, People & Performance
Cardozo, Ms RochellePeople & Performance Assistant

Information Technology

Murillo, Mr MurilloComputer Support Officer (Perth)
Elward, Ms JanellComputer Support Officer (Nedlands)

Laboratory Management

Davern, Ms KathleenManager & Head, Monoclonal Antibody Facility
Pfleger, Ms GwenLaboratory Manager (Nedlands)
Last, Mr VictorLaboratory Assistant (Perth)
Quinn, Mr RodPurchasing Clerk
Goldup, Ms RosieEthics Coordinator


Clarke, Ms MargotAdministrative Assistant (Perth)
MacKenzie, Ms FionaReceptionist (Nedlands)

Laboratory for Cancer Medicine

(Perth & Nedlands Campuses)

Leukaemia and Blood Disorders

Klinken, Prof PeterHead, Leukaemia and Blood Disorders & WAIMR Director
Winteringham, Dr LouiseResearch Fellow
Beaumont, Ms JennySenior Research Officer
Allen, Mr JamesHonours Student

Cell Signalling

Ingley, A/Prof EvanHead, Cell Signalling
Stone, Ms LeahResearch Assistant

Cancer Gene Regulation

Fox, Dr ArchaHead, Cancer Gene Regulation
Martelotto, Mr LucianoResearch Associate
Fortini, Ms EllenHonours Student

Hormone-Dependent Cancers

Leedman, Prof PeterHead, Hormone-Dependent Cancers & WAIMR Director Designate
Colley, Dr ShaneResearch Fellow
Giles, Dr KeithResearch Associate
Matthews, A/Prof VanceNHMRC CDA Fellow
Beveridge, Ms DianneSenior Research Officer
Stuart, Ms LisaSenior Research Officer
Epis, Mr MikeResearch Officer
Kobelke, Mr SimonResearch Assistant
Kalinowski, Ms FelicityResearch Assistant
Rudnicka, Ms CarolineResearch Assistant
Wintle, Ms LarissaResearch Assistant
Ganda, Ms ClarissaResearch Assistant
Candy, Mr PatrickPhD Student
Price, Ms KarinaPhD Student

Synthetic Biology and Drug Discovery

Rackham, A/Prof OliverHead, Synthetic Biology and Drug Discovery
Hibbs, Ms MoiraResearch Assistant
Richman, Ms TaraMasters Student
Scott, Mr LouisPhD Student

Mitochondrial Medicine and Biology

Filipovska, A/Prof AleksandraHead, Mitochondrial Medicine and Biology
Davies, Dr StefanResearch Associate
Lopez, Ms IsabelPhD Student
Thyer, Mr RossPhD Student

Angiogenesis and Tumour Immunology

Ganss, Prof RuthHead, Angiogenesis and Tumour Immunology
Hamzah, A/Prof JulianaResearch Fellow
Johansson, Dr AnnaResearch Associate
Manzur, Dr MitaliResearch Associate
Holobotovskyy, Dr VasylResearch Associate
Burchell, Dr JenniferResearch Associate
Bolitho, Ms ErinResearch Assistant

Epidemiology Group

Fritschi, Prof LinHead, Epidemiology Group
Reid, A/Prof AlisonSenior Research Fellow
Peters, A/Prof SusanResearch Associate
Carey, Ms ReneeProject Officer
Santos, Ms CemaProject Officer
Boyle, Mr TerryProject Officer
Melloh, Dr Markus
Girschik, Ms JenniferPhD Student

Liver Disease and Carcinogenesis

Yeoh, Prof GeorgeHead, Liver Disease and Carcinogenesis
London, Dr RoslynSenior Research Fellow

Centre for Iron Metabolism and Liver Disease Research

(Fremantle Campus)

Trinder, Prof DebbieHead, Centre for Iron Metabolism and Liver Disease Research
Olynyk, Prof JohnWAIMR Deputy Director
Coutts, Ms JuliePractice Manager - Secretary
Chua, A/Prof AnitaResearch Assistant Professor
Eslegood, A/Prof CarynResearch Assistant Professor
Ho, Dr DesireeResearch Associate
Tirnitz-Parker, Dr JaninaResearch Fellow
Delima, Mr RoheethPhD Student
Ayonrinde, Dr KoyaGastroenterologist & PhD Student
Gan, Dr EngPhD Student

Laboratory for Molecular Genetics

(Nedlands Campus)

Neuromuscular Diseases

Laing, Prof NigelHead, Neuromuscular Diseases
Nowak, A/Prof KristenResearch Fellow
Ravenscroft, A/Prof GinaResearch Associate
Duff, Dr RachaelResearch Associate
Ong, Mr RoystonGraduate Research Assistant
McNamara, Ms ElyshiaResearch Assistant
Boutilier, Mr JordanPhD Student
Todd, Ms EmilyPhD Student
Yau, Mr KyleHonours Student

Molecular Genetics

Kalaydjieva, Prof LubaHead, Molecular Genetics
Morar, Dr BhartiResearch Fellow

Laboratory for Neuropsychiatric Genetics

(Nedlands Campus)

Wildenauer, Prof DieterHead, Genetics of Schizophrenia
Qin, Ms Wen WenResearch Assistant
Wildenauer, Ms MutiaraResearch Assistant
Dai, Ms NanPhD Student

Laboratory for Molecular Endocrinology

(Nedlands Campus)

Pfleger, A/Prof KevinHead, Molecular Endocrinology - GPCRs
Pfleger, Ms GwenLaboratory Manager
Jaeger, Dr WernerResearch Associate
Seeber, Ms RuthResearch Officer
See, Mr EthanGraduate Research Assistant
Johnstone, Ms ElizabethPhD Student

Laboratory for Molecular Endocrinology

(Nedlands Campus, C Block)

Ratajczak, Prof TomHead, Molecular Endocrinology - Cell Growth
Ward, Dr BryanResearch Fellow
Rea, Dr SarahResearch Fellow
Cluning, Ms CarmelResearch Associate
Lim, Ms Chern HuiHonours Student
Kwong, Ms Wei-SinISC Student

Lung Institute of Western Australia Genetics Unit

(Nedlands Campus)

Baltic, Ms SvetlanaResearch Officer
Chung, Ms Li PingPhD Student

Centre for Food and Genomic Medicine

(Perth Campus)

Williams, Dr CarolynManager

The Centre for Diabetes Research

(Perth Campus)

Morahan, Prof GrantHead, The Centre for Diabetes Research
Longman, Ms LaurenPersonal Assistant
Mehta, Mr MunishSenior Bioinformatics Officer
Berry, Dr JemmaSenior Research Officer
Balmer, Dr LoisSenior Research Officer
Bosio, A/Prof ErikaResearch Assistant Professor
Baten, Dr AkmaResearch Associate
Jamieson, Ms EmmaResearch Officer
Leong, Ms Ee JuenACDDR Network Coordinator
Nguyen, Mr QuangResearch Assistant
Larma, Ms IrmaResearch Assistant
Weerasekera, Ms LakshiniPhD Student

Islet Cell Development Program

(Perth Campus)

Jiang, Dr Fang-XuHead, Islet Cell Development Program
Li, A/Prof KevinResearch Associate Professor

Scott Kirkbride Melanoma Research Centre

(Perth & Nedlands Campuses)

Leedman, Prof PeterMedical Director
Williams, Dr CarolynResearch Operations Manager

WA Centre for Health and Ageing

(Perth Campus)

Flicker, Prof LeonExecutive Director
Almeida, Prof OsvaldoDirector of Research
Ford, A/Prof AndrewSenior Lecturer
Etherton-Beer, Prof ChristopherSenior Lecturer
Lamb, Ms MarieAdministrative Officer
Ackoy, Ms CherylResearch Coordinator
White, Ms ChristianneBusiness Development Manager
Hirani, Ms VarshaResearch Officer
Marsh, Dr KylieResearch Psychologist
George, Ms JillStudy Coordinator
Hegarty, Ms SiobhanAdministrative Assistamt
Shaw, Ms JosephineGraduate Research Assistant
Wong, Dr ElizabethGeriatrician/PhD
Singh, Dr VashPsychiatrist
McCaul, Dr KieranResearch Fellow
Hyde, Dr ZoeResearch Associate
Acres, Mr John
Bosboom, Ms PascallePhD Student
Pfaff, Dr JonResearch Fellow

National Centre for Asbestos-Related Diseases

(Nedlands Campus)

Tilbrook, Dr MatthewBusiness Manager, NCARD
Hayward, Ms TracyAdministrative Officer, NCARD

Translational Renal Research Group

(Nedlands Campus)

Chakera, Dr AronHead, Translational Renal Research Group
McGuire, Dr AmandaResearch Assistant Professor

Centre for Clinical Research in Emergency Medicine

(Perth Campus)

Brown, Prof SimonConsultant & Head, CCREM
Macdonald, Dr StephenClinical Research Fellow & Head, CCREM (Armadale Hospital)
Nagree, Prof YusufHead, CCREM (Fremantle Hospital)
Stone, A/Prof ShelleyHead, CCREM Research Laboratory
Fatovich, Prof DanielClinical Research Professor
Arendts, Dr GlennClinical Research Fellow
van Eeden, Dr PaulineResearch Associate
Fitzhardinge, Ms SarahProject Officer
MacDonald, Ms EllenClinical Nurse Manager
Hamersley, Ms HelenClinical Nurse
Nash, Ms ClareClinical Research Nurse
Wurmel, Ms JennyClinical Nurse
Shakespeare, Ms KarenResearch Manager (Fremantle Hospital)
Gow, Ms SarahResearch Nurse (Fremantle Hospital)
Camarda, Ms VanessaResearch Assistant (Fremantle Hospital)
Walker, Ms ShireeClinical Research Nurse (Armadale Hospital)
Pownall, Ms AlysseClinical Research Nurse (Armadale Hospital)
Damianopoulos, Ms SophieResearch Assistant
Cotterell, Ms ClaireGraduate Research Assistant

Neurotrauma Research Program

(Nedlands Campus)

Goodes, Ms LouiseProgram Co-Ordinator

Monoclonal Antibody Facility

(Perth Campus)

Davern, Ms KathleenHead, Monoclonal Antibody Facility & Manager
Lonsdale, Ms JessicaLaboratory Technician

Molecular Discovery Systems

(Nedlands Campus)

Pearce, Ms LeighProject Manager
Scaife, Dr RobinPrincipal Scientist

Cancer Trials WA

(Nedlands Campus)

Millward, Prof MichaelHead of Cancer Trials
Phillips, Mr MichaelBiostatistician
D'Aulerio, Ms GiulianaClinical Trials Coordinator